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Benefiting dogs of all ages, health, and sizes!

Types of Massages:

Restorative massage for dogs recovering from injury, surgery, or with chronic health issues, like arthritis and dysplasia. Gentle range of motion stretching will help your dog maintain muscle tone when pain or injury limits activity.

Sports massage for active dogs who play too rough at the dog park or compete at agility or other sports. Massage will keep the muscles in shape for their intense workouts and relieve minor strains and sore muscles. Your dog will perform better and minimize serious injury!

Well-Being massage for dogs with no major issues. keeping your dog in peak condition mentally and physically Through regularly scheduled massages, any new Issue can be treated and addressed Immediately before becoming a major problem.


Now that you are ready to Advance your dog's wellness lets chat where!


AT HOME massage

Our at-home K9 massage service brings the relaxation and rejuvenation of massage therapy right to your door. Our experienced, certified massage therapists will come to your home and provide an individualized massage treatment tailored to your pup's needs. your pup will be feeling relaxed, healthy, and happy.


At Our Facility in Torrance

Come onsite to our beautiful facility where we will soothe your dog's muscles. you can check out our other great services firsthand such as our signature Hydrosessions, K-9Tredmil, and Pup COre Pro lessons!


AT the Park in La

we offer a unique experience for you and your pup: Our massage service brings the spa to the park, allowing you to relax in the sun and fresh air of Cheviot Hills Park or Beverly Hills Park while your dog gets a personalized massage tending to their needs by a certified Caine Massage Therapist.

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