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Swimming is an amazing form of exercise!  While the water buoyancy creates nonweight bearing exercise it simultaneously creates greater resistance for a harder workout. Swimming is one of the few exercises that uses all the muscles of the body. The warm water penetrates and relaxes the muscles allowing them to stretch.  Whether your dog is cross training or rebuilding strength and muscle, swimming is an excellent choice.


Massage - Hydrofitness -Pup Core Pro 
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For dogs with significant mobility issues. Such as: Arthritis, spinal stenosis, degenerative diseases, dysplasia, post-surgery (once your vet gives the OK to resume exercise). The buoyancy of the water reduces stress on the joints, while warm water relaxes the muscles. Using the water for movement, massage, and gentle stretching relieves pain and increases mobility.  A swim coach will closely monitor your dog's progress, rebuilding muscle tone and stamina.



Ideal for the dog who needs to rebuild strength and stamina. Excellent for older dogs who can't exercise as they did when they were younger, as the pool is a non impact, high resistance exercise. A swim coach will slowly help your dog increase stamina, strength, confidence, and endurance.  Includes massage and gentle range of motion stretching in the pool.



This is for the dog that knows how to swim, with out physical deficiencies A swim coach will play with your dog in the pool encouraging fitness and lap swimming. Includes a once over to make sure your dog is in top shape. Highly recommended for active or k9 sport dogs.



We will introduce your dog to the water in a safe, positive environment. Using toys and treats, a swim Coach will encourage your dogs into the pool. Once comfortable in the water, they will work on your dog swimming form and technique; developing a strong independent swimmer.


Massage is a great way to keep your dog in top condition, relaxing muscles, stimulating circulation and lymph flow. It will invigorate your dog and keep muscles toned. Massage is also a great way to keep track of your dog’s overall well being discovering any issues before they become major problems



Pup Core Pro

Pup Core Pro Fitness






This massage is for dogs recovering from injury, sugrery or with chronic health issues, like arthritis and dysplasia. It will promote healing and help to reduce pain.  Gentle range of motion stretching will help your dog maintain muscle tone when pain or injury prevents him from being active.


Great for seniors!



This massage is for the hard charger in your life. The one who plays too rough at dog park or competes on the weekends in aglity or other sports.  Massage will keep the muscles in shape for the intense worksouts and relieve the minor strains and sore muscles.  Your dog will perform better and avoid serious injury.


 This massage is designed for dogs with no major issues.  Using texhniques from all styles of massages; it will keep your dog in peak condition mentally and physically.  Their coat will become shinny and they will maintain good general health.  Through regularly schedualed massages, any new conditions can be effectivly treated before becoming a major problem. 

well being

Pup Core Pro Fitness for your dog combines stretching, strengthening and balancing into a fun way to bond with your dog.  Exercise has many benefits beyond just strengthening: boosts the brain, improves behavior, prevents injury, slows aging, helps prevent disease. 


There are classes or private sessions to meet your dog’s need whether you want to train for sports or just improve the quality of your best friend’s life.



Level 1

 Pup Core Pro

This class teaches the basic skills you and your dog need to participate in Pup Core Pro.  You and your dog will learn shaping techniques, vocabulary, and coordination.  Your dog will develop balance, muscle tone, and control.  We will employing the FitPaws balance disc.


We will work every major muscle group in your dog's body. The class is low impact for seniors and puppies.  Using lure-reward training, we will guide your dog through warm-up/cool down exercises, strengthening routine and guided massage.


Great for seniors and Puppies

Level 2

 Pup Core Pro

Once you and your dog are comfortable on the equipment, this next level will offer more challenges.


This class focuses on stretching, balance, core muscle development.






All classes include warm-up/ cool down exercises, focus exercises and guided massage.


K9 Sports

 This class is designed for dogs who participate in K9 sports; agility, fly ball, rally, obedience, dock diving, etc.  Challenging exercises to develop the core, strengthen muscles, improve balance and coordination, body awareness and flexibility.  Learn the correct stretches to warm up your dog before a competition. 


All classes include warm-up/ cool down exercises, focus exercises and guided massage.

Pup Core Pro

Personal Trainer

One of our Certified Canine Fitness instructors will design a fitness program for your dog to meet your goals. Be that improving strength and coordination for your senior dog, faster times for your sports dog or to get your couch potato in better physical condition. 



Once you have your fitness program, there are two options to keep the training going:




 Pup Core Pro Fitness

Schedule an appointment and a Certified Canine Fitness instructor will work your dog on the equipment. 

Pup Core Pro Fitness

self Service

Bring your dog during open times and work your dog on your own using the equipment.

About Us

About Us

Earlene Winn


Earlene has always been an animal lover, dogs in particular.  Surrounded by animals all her life, she attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she received her degree in animal science. After her kids headed off to college she returned to what she loved the most Dogs!

Certified in:

Canine Massage Therapy(2005), Canine Water Therapy (2010), Certified FitPaws Master Trainer(2015),

Certified Canine Kinesiology Tape Practioner (2016), CCFT (2018)

additional courses in T Touch massage, nutrition, Physio-taping, homeopathy, and body dynamics.



Leslie Silva


Leslie has always had a great passion for animals. As the assistant to the founder of Pup Core Pro, Tailwaggers Massage, and Hydrofitness, she is eager to do her work and to help dogs be healthy. She is currently studying to be a certified Canine Massage Therapist (CCMT) through the “Ojai School of Canine Massage”. Leslie enjoys learning and has attended and completed seminars with Bobbie Lyons ( K9 Fitness), Tracy Sklenar (Dog Agility), and is certified in Dog Training, completed through Dr. Ian Dunbar’s “Science-Based Dog Training”. Additionally, she is very busy training multiple Service Dogs (including her own dog Odin), for their jobs as medical alert and/or psychiatric service work with PTSD sufferers.
In her spare time, she enjoys doing activities with her dogs including agility, flyball, dock diving and is an absolute Disney fanatic. Leslie is a proud member of the PM2 Agility Team and enjoys competing, learning, and traveling with the pack. She is so thankful she has the opportunity to build a career to do what she loves (with dogs) under such a detailed oriented, caring, and talented mentor (Earlene Winn).

She earned a certification as a canine massage therapist from the Ojai School of Massage

She is currently working on her RVT

Stacey Gong

CCFT, CCMT, CCWFP, FMT, Reiki Level 2

Stacey is s a California native who has had a life-long love affair with animals.  After earning a degree in Architecture from USC, she spent my first two decades working for Advent Resources, a company that specializes in Finance and Information software for car dealerships. 

A few years ago, she brought Tommy, her 16-year-old keeshond (that completely owned my heart), to Earlene for water therapy to help with his arthritis.   It was amazing how much better he felt and how much better he was able to move after each swim session.  She was also taking my other two Keeshonds, Kodi and Kasee, to Earlene's Pup Core-Pro classes to keep them fit for agility, help with their self-confidence and improve my relationship with them. 

An off-hand comment from Earlene stating that she was getting so busy that she really hoped to find someone to help her out led her to her second job and second career helping animals.  She has always been ready and willing to learn everything she could to help her dogs live their best lives.  Earlene was generous enough with her time and was willing to teach her how to care for and swim dogs in the pool.

She earned a certification as a canine massage therapist from the Ojai School of Massage

certification in Animal Reiki (Reiki level 2)

certification as a Fitpaws Master Trainer.

Stacey has completed her Fitpaws program as a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer.  

Stacey considers herself extremely lucky and fortunate to be able to help the animals that come to us live their best, pain-free life.

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