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Cappy is our once in a lifetime dog. She is my Son's retired Westminster Show Dog and has also been inducted into the AKC Saint Bernard of America Hall of Fame for her high scores as a competitive obedience dog.


About a year ago her dysplastic left hip started to give her some pain and in trying to favor that side she started to muscle tone, walk with a limp, and a very short stride on the left hind.loose


Enter her savior EARLENE! For the past few months under Earlene's watchful eye, gentle healing touch and encouragement, Cappy has not only learned to swim but has improved her cardiovascular fitness immensely and has made great improvements in her gait. She no longer walks in pain. Her muscle tone has greatly improved (we measured before and after and she has gained at least 2 inches in several locations). The gait is just as extended on the left side now as on the right. The limp has all but gone.


Earlene is an extremely knowledgeable and caring individual and truly puts her heart and soul into caring for Cappy. She is very dedicated and has exceeded all my expectations for what hydrofitness and massage could do for Cappy. We are so lucky to have her in our lives caring for Cappy. She really is the BEST!!


—  Fay Chan Cho, D.D.S.

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