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Recommended Products 

  •  Best Full Body Harness

The Help’EmUp Dog Harness

The first and only dog-lifting mobility harness featuring our patented Hip Lift!


  • For Hind End Support 

For hind end support, the Walkabout is an excellent product. it is lightweight, can wear all day and supports the dog from the pelvis, not from the stomach.


  • Toe Grips

To keep your best friend from slipping on tile, hardwood floors or linoleum: toe grips fit around your dog's toenails to help them stand and walk without slipping. they stay on for 30-40 days ( no having to put on/off all the time) Also being just on the nails your dog will leave them on.


  • Home Cold Laser



  • Ortho Pets

Our vision at OrthoPets is to improve our patient's quality of life through innovative prosthetic & orthotic solutions. We have found great success in implementing the same adaptive technologies used in the field of human orthotics and prosthetics to care for our animal patients.
OrthoPets strives to give each patient a second chance to enjoy a normal life. We have found our non-invasive health care options can drastically improve the quality of life for a wide variety of animals.


  • Wheelchairs for dogs

If You Care for an Older, Injured, or Disabled Pet, You Have Come to the Right Place! A Dog Wheelchair & the 250+ Pet Health products will make them mobile again ready to Play & get the Exercise for a more Happy & Healthy Life


Each K9 Cart combines 51 years of experience within the field of Veterinary Medicine to give our clients the only fully adjustable, convertible dog wheelchair designed by Orthopedic Veterinarians for your pet.

  • Prevention of wetting

Quickly and easily prevent your dog from Wetting in the house with a Belly Band!

  • Natural Remedies 

For natural remedies such as controlling bladder infections, supporting the liver or kidneys or flea control


Recommended People

  • Animal Communication

Stephanie L. Brown, PhD

Stephanie is a talented and accomplished licensed Veterinary Technician with a Ph.D. in Metaphysics.  Her professional education and clinical experience working with animals span over 30 years; she has communicated with animals in surgery, the wild and in every day of her life. Stephanie can help you communicate with your extended family member.   Regular communication with your companion animal maintains a healthy and joyous relationship.

In cases of disease or behavior challenges, she works as a team member with the Veterinarian, Trainer, Massage Therapist or Behaviorist to get the complete information and the best results possible.  Your animal is very smart, so if there is a “problem” your friend has a very good reason, why not ask your animal what is going on and how we humans can be of help.

  • In Home Pet Sitting 

Best Buddies Pet Care

Nancy Paulsen  310-956-5872

Pet care, dog walking, overnights

bonded and insured

  • Dog Hiking and Walking 

Pet Care


(310) 903-8718

  • Boarding

VCA Kennel Club Resort and Spa 

3301 Fujita St

Torrance Ca  (310) 539-2201

  • Acupuncture 

Dr. Joanne Boyer

Advanced Veterinary Care Center

15926 Hawthorne Blvd, Lawndale, CA 90260

(310) 542-8018

  •  In Home Pet Euthanasia

Choice Vet

(310) 956-7062'


Dr. Chris White

(310) 968-8370

  • Pet Portraits




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