Kinesiology Tape

It’s a cotton weave tape that has 180% elongation of its original length. The tight weave provides more durability for the tape in our patients. The non-latex acrylic adhesive is very sturdy. By lifting the skin and fascia, the tape has many effects. Improving the space between muscle bellies, between skin and fascia and between fascial planes itself allows the body to have better circulation, improved vasodilation, and improved lymphatic drainage.  It also has a neurological effect.


Add on to other services $10

Initial stand-alone service $45

Subsequent taping $25

Cold Laser

We use a low-level laser to help increase healing time for incisions, reduce pain and inflammation from arthritis or degenerate disease 

Laser treatment is a non intrusive way to help relieve pain and speed healing   Our professional grade laser is safe and effective 


Add on to swim or massage $10


Stand alone session $45


Reiki is a Japanese technique for reducing stress and anxiety while promoting relaxation and healing using life force energy. While Reiki is beneficial to all dog’s, it is especially helpful to senior and to hospice dogs increase their energy and giving them a sense of peace 

It is complementary to all other medical or therapeutic techniques 

$65 a session 


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Our goal is to help you keep your dog healthy! 

Our treadmill sessions can be very beneficial for you and your pup! Don’t have enough time to exercise your dog? We can help, the treadmill is a perfect solution for an under-exercised dog. The dog treadmill provides versatility, control and mental stimulation that may not always be achieved on a regular walk around the block. It can also help keep your dog in shape reducing the chance of getting overweight, helps build stamina and muscle. 

A tired dog is a happy dog! 

It takes mental concentration to stay on the treadmill and make adjustments to the various speeds. After a treadmill session, you will notice a significant difference in your dog's energy level. 

Other reasons to use the treadmill;

The doggy treadmill can also be essential for strengthening after injuries, or surgeries such as ACL repairs. It will help with core strengthening, toning muscle, and Range of motion (ROM). 

Introduction to the treadmill $30

A steward will be there to help your dog throughout the introduction and training until he/she is comfortable.


15-minute session $15

A steward will be there to supervise in case any help is needed. 

Add on to personal trainer session $10

Once your dog is comfortable and has been trained to use the treadmill he/she will be qualified for this session.


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  • Breed

  • Description of your dog’s health issues 

  • Services required

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